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Kolkata guy’s rape threat on a girl’s facebook post is the stuff creeps are made of!

Aren't we not scared enough for women of our country that people like this guy share their sickness on people's facebook? Women from age...

A Turkish Couple’s Wedding Celebration With A Motive!

Why share a dead child's photo, share this instead!

11 Sitting Postures That Reveal Everything About You! Let’s Check…

We all have different lives. For some, experiences have been harsh and for others smooth. We meet all kinds of people in life, with...

Gals Going Out To Buy Condoms, Be Wary!

Ladies, if you are sexually active, hopefully you are sticking to these 11 safe sex practices. Number two on the list is 'Use Condoms',...

#RememberingRajiv On His Death Anniversary

Remembering the country's former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, tributes poured in at Gandhi's memorial at 'Vir Bhumi' on Thursday morning. Congress President Sonia Gandhi and...

10 Greatest Punjabi Folk Songs Hummed By Every Punjabi

Click "Next" to Start the List 🙂 Punjab is known as the land of festivals and every festival here is associated with music and dance. Punjabi...

It’s Time Common Man Bans The Ban, BANCH*D!

Ban the PM, otherwise!

Celebrating Bruce Lee’s Birthday, Legacy Continues!

He would have been 75!!!

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Things That Men Do, Which Make Us Love Them Even More!!

Men can sometimes do those small things that will...

Why Some Men Think Women Are Just An Object For Touching?

Objectifying women is what our society has always been known...

20 Things You Can Relate With If You Are In Your 20s!

Well, being in the 20s is naughty in itself....

Beware! Don’t Get Jealous About Friends Settling Down!

We pride ourselves about the fact that we have...

Bollywood’s Real Bhai-Behan On This Rakhi!

We couldn't stop ourselves from going...Awww...!

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Watch: Hrithik’s Interview With Arnab On Kangana

Hrithik Roshan Vs Kangna Ranaut is like a world...

Renuka Shahane’s Interview Is Exactly What Is Wrong With Journalism!

Well, well, times of likes of Arnabs and Barkhas, this also happens!

Parental Advisory: Movies One Should Never Watch With Parents Around

We love Bollywood as well Hollywood. From great entertainment,...

Indian Television Serials Which Lost Their Essence Long Back!

So what if Balika Vadhu has entered the Limca...

Russell Brand Talks About The Drug Called Pornography!

Yes, this is not something really very unique someone...

Rustom & Mohenjo Daro! Who’s Gonna Win The War?

Two very ambitious projects 'Rustom & Mohenjo Daro' are...

Mayhem Over…2015 Was The Year Of Wedding Bells!

You might not have realized in the mayhem, but...

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We Admit The Truth: Flirting Is An Art. We Help You Master It

Click "Next" to Start... Flirting is the gentle art of letting a person know that you are interested in them - whether for a passing affair or a bonding relationship...

16 Signs She Is Giving You To Have Sex With Her!

Learn To Decode THE Code. Easier Than Da Vinci Code...

The Real Reason(s) Why Shahid Kapoor Married Mira Rajput!

We have 10 reasons and the numbers 3 and 4 are so apt.

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अपना पीछा किया जाना कईयों को रोमांटिक लगता है!

जब बात स्टाल्किंग की आती है, या कहें कोई किसी का पीछा करता है, तो एक अंतर्निहित सामाजिक भाव ये भी होता है कि...

सविता भट्टी, उल्टा पुल्टा: रक्षा बंधन, रिश्ते और रेप

भैया मेरे राखी के बंधन को निभाना...

रणवीर शोरी -कोंकणा सेन शर्मा अब नहीं हैं साथ

पर सोशल मीडिया पर घोषित करना कैसी परिपक्वता है?