Yes, Parents Lie To Us Too But For Our Benefit!


We might be always saying that ‘parents can never lie’, but as we grew up, things became clearer and maturity level reached a point where we ourselves started lying to them. Everyone has these memories of childhood when our parents made different statements to convince us and we as kids took everything for real not knowing they were lying to ‘full stop’ us. Let’s share some of the memories:

Don’t make weird faces or else it’s gonna stay forever

‘Ohh! What a fool I was to believe this’ might be your take on this? This, my friend, has happened with everyone!


If you keep up late, ghosts may show up

Another statement every parent has made when children caused disturbance in the middle of the night. How time passes…

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You did really well, my child!

No, you didn’t… you really didn’t. You were just a participant and that’s all you had done but this was to make you happy, encourage you and get the best out of you, in future.
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We’re about to reach (for the last 20 minutes)

Don’t you use these words to them today… when it’s late and you’re not home.

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We’ll think about it, but finish your homework

Why should there be conditions always??

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If you don’t eat, devil will come

Well, the secret to your chubby cheeks has been out now… The food finished in seconds not out of hunger but scare.

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No one goes out after 10, it’s scary

So you needed mommy in the middle of the night to make you pee.

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Stay here! I’m leaving you alone

Loud screams and cries are heard whenever parents say this and ultimately they’ve to come back because they’ll never leave you alone.

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Shops are shut, we’ll get it tomorrow

A promise which just faded away the very next day… Because all you needed is a bucket full of games.


It’s a medicine not alcohol, children don’t have it

The statement that comes from parents and goes to your kids too!
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A big bird dropped you at our house

Yes, there’s nothing called ‘sex’ unless the first time you watch porn. Alright?

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I never argued with my parents and look at you?

You grow up, start answering them back because you somehow want your life to be your way and that’s where you hear this because that’s what even they did.

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Get up!!! You’re an hour late…

To make you realize the value of time and to help you come out of your lazy life.

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I din’t take your stuff, you’ve lost it

Your mom took it and she lied to you because that’s what you did the whole day.

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I’ll give you back the money but first give it to me

No. No. No. Don’t, because it will not come back. But on a positive note, they took it because they didn’t want you to misuse money on nonsense things in an immature age.

Do Not Hurt Your Parents

Never lie, be like your Dad!

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Yes, your dad never lied to you when you were a kid. So, be like him.

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