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We Bet You Didn’t Notice These Things in 1994 Blockbuster Mohra



For all those who’ve grown up during the 90s can definitely relate to the lyrics ‘Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast” from the movie Mohra.


An Akshay Kumar, Raveena Tandon and Sunil Shetty-starrer, which hit the box office in the year 1994. We all loved the movie and enjoyed the songs and the action in the year 1994. But if you happen to ever re-watch it now, that is, after 21 years – it seems to be more of a comedy movie than an action thriller.

Let me show you how.

Akshay is called Amar Saxena in the film who is a police officer, Raveena is named Roma Singh who is the sub-editor of a publication owned by Naseeruddin Shah (Mr Jindal) who is shown to be blind and Sunil Shetty is a murder convict  Vishal Agnihotri.

This is just for your information….So here we go:

From the very beginning of the movie, you see a lot of stuff that makes you go – WTF!!

This guy is basically trying to rape the jailer’s daughter in the kitchen of the jail, who has been there for taking a round of the oldest jail in India. She is roaming about as if she’s in company baagh. The jailor’s daughter is only being escorted by 1 member of the jail staff who gets attacked by this convict and duur-duur tak there’s no other officer to be seen…not even a hawaldaar…I mean reaaaaally????

OK let’s continue:

Another scene shows Sunil Shetty’s dhamakedar entry and shockingly Raveena (the probable rape victim) doesn’t care to even get up and run out through the door to save her life…She lets Sunil enter comfortably with all his thaaathh and then stops beside him, hugs herself as if she knows him as the savior of humanity…yeah right…girl, go, run like crazy and shout for help rather than standing there and staring…!!!


police dhava bolta no1 catches sunil shetty

Now, Sunil Shetty makes a bharta out of the murder convict who is supposedly extremely dangerous…and the moment he’s done with his business, we see him being thrown out of the kitchen and still – No police to be seen.

Achanak, a trail of policemen come running in a line as if doing some morning kasrat and there you go again – target again on the convict and no-one even bothers about Sunil Shetty as if they already know that Sunil is The Man who saved jailor saheb ki beti – Grrrrrrrrrrr Direction..!!!!

Next, Raveena comes back into her papa’s company baagh and questions Vishal (Sunil Shetty) at various locations regarding his life and his conviction. He starts off – blah blah good life and and as expected a sooooooong… kajre ki dhaar na motiyo ke haar…lalalalalalalalala

This woman here is wearing the most of make up at this point of time – see for yourself…

Sunil Shetty is seen wearing a peachish orange polka dotted bishop-sleeved shirt – OH MY GOD..!!!

So the song finally finishes and then comes the life of Sunil Shetty before conviction. He has his sister-in-law staying at their place. She’s ready for her college when her sister (Poonam Jhawer) questions her dressing sense and tells her that it isn’t the most decent outfit to be worn to college….

Poonam Jhanwer – for your information is

in the movie but actually is


So the story goes on – there’s a luchha party and the sister-in-law happens to get raped and die. The convicts buy law and are bari-eed baa-izzat by the ME LORD…who then go to Sunil Shetty’s house to rape Mrs Shetty (as if rapes are like personal messages) …who on seeing them…rather than closing the door – opens it wider.

She tries to save herself but ends up committing suicide

Sunil gets home and starts asking silly questions from his dying wife – such as “priya ye kya hua priyaaaaaa” “Priyaaa  ye kaise huaaa priyaaaa” “priyaaa ye kisne kiyaaaa” and the dying wife had her aakhri saansen saved to reveal “unhi chaar ladko ne ” and then dies – I mean dude you have a car parked outside so rather than talking to her and asking her stuff you could probably rush her to emergency..but naaajiiiii kithe…!!!!

Now, here you must have seen Mr Macho Shetty sweating it out in the gym. But wait a minute – in a pair of jeans and leather loafers – WTF..!!!

Suddenly, the gang of boys is seen sitting at an appu ghar kinda place sipping their whisky and giggling over the judicial system in India.

There comes Mr Shetty again, killing these 4 rapists. But God knows why all these guys keep running from one jhoola to the other rather than getting into their car and driving away for saving themselves.

Chaloji…rapists killed…Sunil (Vishal) in jail…cut..back to present day….After a decent bit of movie, here’s what distracts you again.

Inspector Amar is told by Roma (Raveena) that there’s a suicide attempt planned towards 8 pm in Versova and if he reaches the spot in time, he might be able to stop the incident from happening.

In present time, an officer would arrange for an ambulance, emergency support, manpower, etc. to make sure the suicide bidder is offered immediate medical attention besides the rescue operation. But Amar happens to reach there all alone, holding an umbrella,very casually looking around as if the suicide bidder is waiting for him to come and find him…DUHHHH!

Then the “Tip-Tip Barsa Paani” sequence starts off and not many dance moves are seen in this one except for Raveena’s seduction and a very bizarre angle at one point of time that makes you go again – WTF..!!!

Fine then…aage dekhte hain…

These men are the supposed villains in the movie besides Mr Jindal, whose suspense unwinds towards the end. In the song ‘Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast’, I wonder what went wrong with the villains bhateeja that he couldn’t recognize the obvious undisguised faces of these item number dancers – Inspector Amar and Roma.


Next we see Sunil Shetty sitting inside a bus with a pair of dark black sunglasses in the middle of the night and no one is seen wondering about this..!!!


Again walking out of the hotel at night, he is seen wearing the same pair again…yeaaah yeah!


Now there is another scene about Roma’s birthday celebration where her father announces that Roma and Amar are to get married. But nowhere does he or anyone present there talks about the couple holding or exchanging rings as a sagai ki rasm…then how come Jindal sahb says “Chalo Chalo Angoothian Pehnao, Sagai Ki Rasam Poori Karo”.

Am I the only one who noticed this?

So when Mr Jindal abducts Roma and injects with a drug for inducing badan men garmi, Roma is seen dancing in a red Aladdin costume, which seems to be specially stitched for her…lols!


After the completion of this seductive sequence, Raveena is seen flaunting the same dress again with Oh My God the same hairstyle-maan gaye stylist ji….


Bas fer the film comes to an end with Mr Jindal being shot down and bas fer – THE END!!

But by god ki kasam – these two and a half hours have been hilarious…ROTFL!

If you guys have been able to notice more such points, do share them with us …

We’ll be waiting….

Happy Reading.

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
KHURKI is a character who's sarcastic by birth and has sarcasm running in its veins in place of blood. Its bitter-sour tongue gives it the edge!

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  1. An article by a wannabe, a Pseudo-cool. I am not a fan of the action movies, nor a fan of the actors in this one. But this movie was a good thriller (a far cry from the ‘funny’ that the author is trying hard to invent) The movie was gripping enough when I watched it in the cinema hall then, and is equally entertaining now. One can go into, “Oh so Bruce Wayne doing his escapades is totally believable to you”, and Christopher Nolan lovers, yes YOU, you totally trust that after a bank robbery, Joker could so easily ram the school bus in the wall and so neatly fit in the cavalcade of other school buses? Or yes, X-Men! Totally believable right, no glitch there whatsoever! Rambo, Terminator, Anaconda, Avatar (Aevetor for you) But the breed of pseudo-cools will happily take it in a suppository, whatever is served to them by the cool and classy world of Nolans and Heath Ledgers. (I, in no way, am demeaning their directing and acting prowesses resp. I am an admirer)

    Long story short, wannabe AIBs, kuch bhi content na bana. And as long as we’re there, don’t look upto their work as well, it isn’t worth a squat either.

  2. lol There are so many funny scenes that most indian movies had back then (in this movie also). Let me tell you the points

    1. They never got Paresh Rawal (police informant to bad guys) arrested or even stripped of his police uniform.

    2. When Sunil and Akshay are fighting the bad guys, so many of the villains are shooting them with guns and sub machine guns but NOT ONE manages to hit them.
    Also, they probably jumped off like 100ft or more from a building as if was nothing.

    3. When Naseeruddin had sunil and akshay at gunpoint, he decided to waste his bullets on the floor and fight them hand to hand lol

    4. When Naseeruddin injected Raveena with the drug (an aphrodisiac), why didnt he rape her? Why did he just watch her dance? I mean, im pretty sure that’s what he intended with that drug, so why just watch her dance? lol No one questioned that scene.


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