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Every Bloom Is Special On Valentine Day! Your Choice?


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You might be the lucky Valentines who gets flowers or the one who makes your date’s Valentine Day super special by picking the perfect flowers for the occasion. In either case, you will make the most of this gesture if you know the meaning behind the choice of bloom. If you thought that Valentine Day was only restricted to roses, sit up and read on.


Image Source
Image Source

These classics are most popular on 14th Feb, as they stand for romance, beauty and perfection. And mind you, around Valentine Day their prices touch the sky.


Image Source
Image Source

These beautiful and resilient flowers stand for purity and innocence. They are great for Valentines as you can pick them in a wide variety of colours. They bring a smile to everybody’s lips.  An absolute favourite for many!


Image Source
Image Source

We bet you did not know that Tulips are symbolic of the perfect kind of love. They look extremely elegant and are very popular with couples who have been going steady for a long time. They are often associated with warmth, are classy and very affordable.


Image Source
Image Source

They are also called Peruvian Lilies. The first thing you notice in this flower is the petal which is supposed to denote devotion and friendship. They make for lovely arrangements as a single stem features multiple flowers.

Lillies – Casa Blanca

Image Source
Image Source

These flowers look extremely graceful and classy and very stylish. A man who picks these for a bouquet shows great taste and sophistication. These flowers have a very strong fragrance too.


Image Source
Image Source

Since orchids are rare, they signify beauty, strength, love and beauty. And some say they stand for mysterious seduction too. These flowers stay good for a long time and the person who gifts them is supposed to have a wild side.

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