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10 Things To Say If Her Dad Picks Up The Phone!

Hello, can I speak to (and you just don’t get a name)

Ha ha ha. Well, that has happened with me and it’s quite funny when you can’t remember any name and ultimately you’ve to cut the phone in between the conversation!

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Yes, I received a call from this number?

And the person checks out all the calls whether he called or not and somewhere down the line he still accepts out of his innocence.


Hello Sir, did you order a pizza?

No! Did anyone order a pizza? (Asks the family). But your daughter’s boyfriend is just fooling you uncle.

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Hi, I saw your car’s ad in the newspaper

Be aware. This may let loose the temper of a person and any kind of reaction might burst out.

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Hello…! Hello…? Hello (And cut the phone)

This might save you because many fake calls are expected in a day and you might just be one of them who got ignored.

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Speaking in a girl’s tone might evoke suspicion

Dare not try to be her best friend or even her friend… because they’re quite familiar to every of her friend’s voice.

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Hello Sir, have you paid the last month phone bill?

Be knowledgeable about the number used i.e. postpaid or prepaid.

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This number is currently out of service

And this person is unconvincingly in DANGER!

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Hello Sir, I’m Julie’s teacher! Can you please pass the phone to her?

You must be perfect enough to modulate your voice to that of a teacher.
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Oh sorry, I just dialed a wrong number

Make sure that the ‘wrong number’ does’t often repeat itself.

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