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Relationship Fails: Hope Your Reason Isn’t Here?


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Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ūüėČ

Are you one of those who¬†sum up their¬†love life with statements¬†like ‘no one is compatible with me’ or ‘no one is worth being in a relation with’?¬†Because if there is one thing common in break-ups, it is the tendency to indulge in blame game! It’s cannot be one person’s fault. In a relation, when the two¬†partners are responsible for¬†the bond, then it is them who¬†are also equally responsible for the fall-out!¬†Why do relationships start deteriorating after a particular point?¬†Hope your¬†reason is not in this list:

Not keeping one’s promises

Irritation and frustration levels increase after repetitive breaking of promises, where the person at fault needs to have better handling skills.


Time/Communication Issues

Too busy to drop a message or priorities change after a while.

Boy and girl used the Internet communication

Faking a relationship?

Ask yourself, are you in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship?

Image Source

Unrealistic expectations…

A person suffering from this is bound to have issues. Thus, this needs to be thought of and worked upon.


Changing priorities

Mixed feelings might be the cause. Get your thoughts checked and then fix priorities.


Family rules

Families sometimes oppose relationships and that’s where it all goes in vain. But sufficient efforts made¬†could change¬†any head or¬†heart.


Money squabbles

If money is the reason for the failure, then it never was a relation.

Image Source

Am a desperado!

Ones choice and limits, if followed or discussed…might not result in any disturbance.

sexual encounter
Image Source

Empathy/sympathy issues

It’s not necessary for a partner to have the same feelings at every point. Faking emotions might not work so it’s better to let a person be in the situation willingly and not forcibly.


Career goals

Sometimes sacrifices have to be made in order to achieve higher goals. But every¬†person facing this issue has more troubles tiding¬†it. So, it’ll be great on your part to manage things by multitasking.


Negative behaviour at some point

A negative response to things might create more of negative events, which might worsen results. Control over speech and mind is needed.


Genuine feelings

At last, a person with genuine feelings will cross every hurdle to make a relationship work!

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