Ghosts Can Be Interesting Too, Find Out Why?


No matter how much you might deny it, ghosts fascinate us all. You hate them, you love them, but you cannot ignore them. We have really solid facts about our friends from the other world, for you today. And if we missed out on any, feel free to write in. Get ready for a spine-chilling read.

Night walkers

Ghosts are more active in the night because as the darkness causes lesser disturbance in their electronic waves. Hence, their energies are most powerful in the night.

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Kids and animals can see them

Your pets and your kids will be able to detect a presence even before you get a whiff. Many a kids have ghosts as imaginary friends.

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They too face dilemma

Most ghosts are as confused as humans. Most of them are stuck in a dilemma and refuse to accept the reality of the other side.


They do not need a shut eye

After Twilight, most of you know that vampires do not sleep. But did you know that even ghosts do not need to sleep, they just keep roaming the earth till they can pass on to the other side.

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Some of them love attention

Some ghosts love the attention they get from humans. Next time, when you are alone and you smell a perfume or cigarette smoke, you know that you have company.

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They can read minds and warn you

If you have been having a repeated dream about your future, then you should know whom to thank. Ghosts can read minds, see the future and also try to warn their loved ones about it.

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They cannot kill you literally

Unlike movies, where ghosts can cut you into strips like chicken, they really cannot harm you physically. But they sure can take over your head and make you kill yourself.

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Disclaimer: The post only based on stories, anecdotes and blogs over the internet. We do not believe or endorse paranormal beliefs.

Priya Aurora
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