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Jacqueline Lets Out The Secret On What Keeps RK Glued To His Phone


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Well, before you start thinking of something else, Jacqueline Fernandez tell us that Ranbir Kapoor loves to play the most popular game Candy Crush Saga. So, you know that Junior Kapoor, who is a crush of millions has a crush on Candy Crush.

While talking to a daily, she said, “Ranbir is always on the phone. During the shoot, he comes and gives his shot perfectly. After that, he is busy with his phone. It’s as if he has disconnected himself from the world. I felt maybe he is serious and does not like talking much. But one day, when he was on the phone, guess what I saw! Ranbir was busy playing Candy Crush. He’s such a Candy Crush junkie that everytime he’s free, he’s busy crushing candies on his phone.”

So actually the actor is not busy talking or texting his girlfriend Katrina, in fact, the actor is busy crushing candies on his phone!

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