OMFG! Drunk Guy Went To Shake Hands With Lion In Zoo…


The internet offers us a crazy news every now and then, but this man has crossed all limits. In this latest video from Hyderabad Zoo, a drunk guy went to shake hands with lion.

drunk Guy

You read that right, this man jumped into the waters near a lion’s enclosure to shake hands with it. Onlookers tried to distract the man from doing such a stupid act by throwing stones at him. Yet, the man decided to ignore it all and went straight to do whatever was on his mind. The lion was intelligent and kind enough to leave the man with all his body parts intact. If it was an act of bravery, then we need to work on the definition of the word. Because for us all, it was nothing but an act of stupidity by this drunk man.

Here’s the video of the whole incident of this drunk guy by Comedy crazy zone.

Drunk Guy Went To Shake Hands With Lion In Hyderabad Zoo



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