Whoa! This Guy Takes A Selfie Per Day For 8 Years!


Capturing a particular moment a selfie per day for 8 years. For a generation of today, this is something that sounds super cool. Might be stupid for an elder generation, but hell yeah the times lapse should be loved by one and all.

Hugo Cornellier clicked a picture every day of the year and stored them for 8 years and created a time lapse. It is so cool to watch that you will end up watching it again & again.

So, making your repetition more interesting, you can change the speed mode from Youtube settings. And enjoy the video whether in slow motion or fast forward. The job was not easy as it seems to a lay person, as it includes 2000 selfies. And Hugo spent one minute each on photo to edit.

This Guy Takes A Selfie Per Day For 8 Years!

His target is to make a time lapse with more pictures of 10 years. And, he just doesn’t want to end the trend he is setting.


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