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Himachal: Anti-selfie drive to check mishaps along Beas

Shimla, July 5: To avoid mishaps along the Beas, the police will launch an anti-selfie drive to make tourists aware of the dangers of...

This Guy Cuts Selfie Sticks Of People In New York, But Why?

Wow, somebody is reacting to Self-itis after all...

You Will Surely Hear These Things From Girls In Washrooms!

Guys always wonder why girls go to the washroom in packs and take so long to return. They find this really confusing! To be honest,...

Whoa! This Guy Takes A Selfie Per Day For 8 Years!

Capturing a particular moment a selfie per day for 8 years. For a generation of today, this is something that sounds super cool. Might be stupid for...

A Man Traveled Around The World For 360 Degree Selfie

Some crazy idea he had!

Super Quick Makeover For Perfect Selfie!

Watta change!!

Selfie Culture Becoming Typical Among Politicians?

Politician or selfie'tician?

This Guy’s Selfies Might Just Create A World Record!

Aim is to click 1800 selfies in an hour!

For All You Selfie Lovers, Ways To Click The Perfect One!

Flash the art and be popular...

Disneyland Bans Selfie Sticks! Shift To Apps To Improve Selfies.

Are you planning a vacation to the all-time hit fun theme park Disneyland? Hold your breath, as, if you are planning to click selfies at the spot, you are going to be...

Ranbir Kapoor Flaunting His Workout, Completely In Style

Even though Ranbir Kapoor isn't on social media, he manages to get our attention, thanks to his chocolaty looks and the latest one for his 'Oh-So-Hot'...

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