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7 Not-To-Do Things That Could Be Worse Than Cheating!

Relationships can be very complex if we do not deal with them properly. They are very soft and need to be handled sensitively. And most of us think that unless there is no cheating in our relationship, it’s fine. But this is the only point we are mistaken about. There are some other red flags also that are worse than cheating and takes the bond to the level of destruction. That’s why it’s also said many times that love is blind, don’t let your attentiveness die. Keep yourself alive and able to think, not about love but about what is going wrong… I’m not asking you to doubt your loved one but it’s better to be safe than sorry. KHURKI will tell you the things you should avoid in your relationship because these small things can be disastrous.

Small lies are worse than cheating

These small small lies can turn into bigger ones that can spoil your relation. You will lose the trust between the two of you.


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Don’t drag small fights for long

Relationships are like rubber, they can’t be stretched for long. So try to talk and finish your fights as soon as possible before they turn into wars.

Conflict in a family

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Don’t bring in any mediator

We make this mistake of involving others into our issues. We bring one of our common friends or a relative or it could be any one and we communicate through that mediator. Is your relation so weak that you need a mediator to untie the knots.


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Don’t create communication gap

I understand, today life is so busy and we hardly get time for ourselves. But staying in touch in any relationship is really important. So if you hardly get time for phone calls at work, then use text messages. At least there would be a chord to connect and a reminder that there’s someone who cares about you.


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Don’t share your secrets

Even if it’s your best friend, don’t share the details of your relationship with them. By doing this, you can’t imagine how much that person would interfere in your personal life. If you do understand “Ghar ka bhedi lanka dhaye”, there is not much explanation that needs to be done.


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Reach home late

If you are reaching home late, don’t rush to your bed. If you are really tired, have a 5-10 minutes gentle discussion about the day and then a good night kiss and go to sleep. Those minutes could be the booster for the next day.

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Don’t ignore small things

This ignorance would lead to misunderstandings. And trust me, you won’t be able to sort it out if it gets out of your hands.


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So guys, cheat is the extreme level of destruction in any relationship and avoid some of the cues we have pointed out for a better relationship. Be careful and all the best. 🙂

Amrita Garg
Amrita Garg
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