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A Test For Your Dirty Mind. Clean Up Before It’s Too Late…

These days, we seem to have double meaning for every spoken word. And every time, the other meaning is either related to ‘sex’ or specific human body parts.

What makes simple words like carrot, cucumber (kheera), banana, balls, wet, hard – dirty?

Some words of our very own Hindi language are under the curse of double meaning. For instance, lele, andar daal, chada liya, ghusa andar and what not. No more examples please, lest the government slaps a ban on our loving Khurki too.

We are sure all you reading this would have already conjured up images in your mind about double-meaning stuff that’s to follow. If you have nodded your head in agreement, take a test for your dirty mind and clean it up before it’s too late.

Are you one of those who falls under the trap of dirty thoughts and at times nobody in the room except you thinks of something very normal as double meaning.

Khurki brings you dirty riddles albeit with clean meanings:

What goes in hard and pink but comes out soft and sticky?


A finger goes in me. You fiddle with me when you’re bored. The best man always has me first.


I’m spread before I’m eaten. Your tongue gets me off. People sometimes like to lick my nuts. What am I ?


All day long it’s in and out. I discharge loads from my shaft. Both men and women go down on me. What am I ?


I come in many sizes. When I’m not well, I drip. When you blow me you feel good. What am I ?


If I miss, I hit your bush. It’s my job to stuff your box. When I come, it’s news. What am I?


I offer protection. I get the finger 10 times. You use your fingers to get me off. What am I?


I’m at least 6 inches long. I leave foamy lubrication when engaged in my job. At times hard & at times soft. What am I?


Share it with your friends and test their dirty mind level!

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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