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Indian Food That Will Give You A Divine Mouthgasm!



When your mouth goes mmm and your tummy goes wow, you are having a foodgasm.

We have for you today some Indian foods, which are better than a sexy boyfriend and a loving husband.

1. Daal Roti

dal roti

Nothing can beat a bowl of homemade dal with fresh roti from your mother’s hand.

2. Chiwda Dahi


The Biharis will vouch for this dish. It is the comfort food for break-ups and homesickness.

3. Makki Di Roti aur Sarson Ka Saag

makki ki roti & s saag

If you live in a big town away from home, we bet this is what you miss the most.

4. Khichdi

So simple to make and sooooo yummy. Have it dahi, papad and acchar.

5. Idli Sambhar


It can’t be called a South Indian favourite any more. People all over the country simply love it.

6. Vada Pav

It is one of India’s most favourite street food, so tasty and so cheap.

7. Rajma Chawal


Imagine a Sunday afternoon lunch of Rajma Chawal. Pure bliss!

8. Pakodas and Chai

It doesn’t need to rain for pakoras, you can have them in any season.

9. Suji ka Halwa

A bowl of hot halwa can fix any broken heart and soul.

10. Aaloo Paranthas


Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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