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Do’s And Don’ts Followed By Bhishma Pitahmah That Are So True Even Today!

Bhishma Pitahmah was well known for his celibate pledge, the eighth son of Kuru King Shantanu. He was blessed with wish-long life and had sworn to serve the ruling Kuru king and granduncle of both the Pandavas and the Kauravas. He became Bhishma Pitahmah after he took a bheeshna (grave) pratigya/vow of life-long celibacy.

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He was a great warrior, archer and a yogi and his skills were simply nonparallel. The characters such as of Bhishma Pitahmah can teach you many things in life. These are the few lessons of life you should learn from the great Bhishma Pitahmah…

Lazy People

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A person who is lazy tends to pass on his laziness to others and ends up being worst of friends. If you are friends with a lazy person, you will might also end up being a disorganized and incompetent person yourself.

Hateful People

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Now again, a person who is full of hate can never be good company. They tend to see the negative aspect of everything happening around. They can also make you skeptical and negative about simple and clear things in life.


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Let’s accept that non-believers are not atheists but simply those who do not believe in the power of any spiritual or mental being. All they will ever do will think about themselves and nothing else.

Aggressive People

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People who simply lose control over temper at small things are dangerous to be around and live with. These people will also tend to pass on the negativity and anger to you. Stay away from such people.

There were other separate rules pertaining to life, which were the beliefs of Bhishma Pitahmah. we have some more rules and laws of life taught by him. We are not telling you to follow the path, all this is about sharing the knowledge we gained through various sources. In this modern world of logical, skeptical, smartizens, there can definitely be contradictory points. These are some do’s and don’ts. To follow them or not, is certainly a personal choice.

  • One should not gaze at rising or the setting sun, nor should he look at the sun during an eclipse. Also one should not point out at stars.
  • A person, who criticizes food, dies soon. One should eat while sitting and never while walking. Also, one should not eat meat until it is offered in sacrifice.
  • Do not eat much at night. Keep the meal light.
  • One should not see his/her image reflected in an unpolished, dirty or broken mirror.
  • During the twilight, one should not sleep, study or eat. Instead, should engage in meditation or prayers.
  • Be pure in mind and hygienic in body. Never get involved in violence.
  • The remedy for sufferings is that one should not think about it.
  • One should not sleep during day time.
  • One should not become angry and learn to forgive.
  • Do not feel jealous, it leads to destruction.
  • One should not wear others clothes.
  • Do not sleep on a broken bed.
  • Never marry a person whose background you do not know.
  • Don’t touch your body with the same hands after applying oil in your hair. Clean yourself regularly.
  • One should not sleep with his head facing North or West.

This all is simply a matter of belief, but almost all of them makes sense to me and I would try to follow them. What about you? 

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Devashish Vaid
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