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Some Amazing Things You Learn If You Are A Budget Traveller!


Devashish Vaid
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Traveling has experiences which certainly helps you grow as person. Being a traveller myself, it is one thing I can bet on that it helps you grow. But luxurious travels could not be as incredible as the budget travels. When you want to see the world, but your budget is the constraint it is a tough situation.

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Because whenever you are faced with limitations, you have to be wise in your decisions. Limited budget teaches you how to manage time and travel in a way that you have the maximum fun. The sense of achievement you get out of it is certainly amazing. Here are a few things that the budget traveller in me learnt.

Best Ways In Which You Grow, If You Are A Budget Traveller!


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You don’t always plan your trip during the peak season. You tend to wait for off season, so that the hotels don’t over charge and you can save on the spend. Also, you are treated with less people around, which is a blessing for few travellers.

Unlimited fun in limits

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You have the best people to travel with, and have the sense of being self sufficient. This simply doubles up your fun for the trip. You learn how to use great apps to book your hotel with discounts, making you a tech[savvy traveler.

Cultural knowledge

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Just like other travellers, you also get a chance to know the different cultures. And if you are lucky enough to stay with locals instead of a lavish hotel, you will certainly learn so much than those sitting in hotel rooms sipping expensive coffee. You will eat, drink what locals eat, you live the way locals live.

Adapt to sudden shifts

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You simply have the sudden new things in your already decided plan. You know what they say about travellers, if everything goes by the plan you don’t always come back with a great story.

You know your co-traveller better


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Where there is a budget, there are confusions, misunderstandings and adjustments. And these are the best circumstances in which the real face of the person shows up. You simply get to know them well, when you plan a budget trip with them.

Makes you a better planner

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And how can I put this so low on the list? Anyway, planning a budget trip also makes you a better traveller. You learn how to make the maximum use of resources, in minimum expenditure. Plus it makes you a Jugaad specialist as well.

And an executor


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And of course, if you can make good plans, you certainly have all the abilities to execute them well.

Teaches you value of small things


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Ahh, and when you come back from your trip, you realise the value of things in a different way. The luxuries that your mother or your home provides have a higher value in your eyes.

So consider yourself luckier than those who travel with luxuries. You are certainly a level up when it comes to travel game. 

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