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This lost dog reunited with family after 10 years, faith in miracles restored

It is often you a get picture of a lost pet in your whatsApp forwards or other social media feeds. But it is rare that you get photos of dogs found after 10 years of separation. Is it just pure luck? Or some sort of miracle?

Well, you are free to decide on this we won’t force our opinion on you. But here is a story, we heard through Bored Panda and to us it is definitely no less then a miracle.


10 years ago, Debra Suierveld, the owner of Abby, together with her children were playing with the one-year-old pup in the backyard of their home in Apollo, Pennsylvania

At some point, the dog ran off, and even though the family searched everywhere for her, she was nowhere to be found and after some time searching with no luck, the heartbroken family declared Abby dead

10 years later, Abby showed up on a porch of a house 8 miles away from her owner’s house. She was brought to a shelter, where the dog was identified

Debra was taken by surprise when she got a call that her dog was found and called it a miracle

It’s unknown where the dog was for all these years, but it’s so amazing to know, that Abby back at her loving home

To us this is one of the best stories we have come across in recent past. 


Team Khurki
Team Khurki
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