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Best Travel Movies That Will Make You Pack Your Bags Right Away

Sometimes all we need is an inspiration to do what we always wanted to do in life. And that’s what these movies have done to someone or the other at some point of time. There are people for whom travel is not mere a holiday. It is much more than what it looks like to others. They don’t travel their a** off for the sake of a new Facebook picture. Having that kind of inspiration in life depends on certain factors. If you don’t have it within you, nothing can work for you. These travel movies will alight the fire in hearts which have sparks. So if you are the one with spark, this list should be read like, check, check, check for you. So here are the movies you should watch to get that inspiration to travel.

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Into The Wild

Christopher McCandless, a young graduate, decides to renounce all his possessions and hitchhike across America. During his journey, he encounters several situations which change him as a person. It is indeed one of the best travel movies ever made.

Dil Chahta Hai

Story of three inseparable college friends, the three musketeers. All of them travel, party, have fun and do nothing else. But all have to part their ways to different parts of the world.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Yet another story of three friends and then one of them gets engaged to marry. But that doesn’t stop them from hanging out with each other, as that’s when they decide to turn their fantasy vacation into a reality.

Motorcycle Diaries

High level dramatization for a road trip on a motorcycle. Che Guevara went on a bike trip that showed him his calling.

Straight story

Story of a farm guy, the man who goes on to journey, a long one on a lawn-mover tractor to mend his relationship with his ill brother.

The Darjeeling Limited

Directed by Wes Anderson, this story of three brothers is an epic tale. After the death of their father, all three of them travel to India to bond with each other.

Eat Pray Love

Starring Julia Roberts, this film is a treat to anyone who is into self discovery. And not just a cog in the machine called world. A married woman realises how unhappy her marriage life is and she needs to get out of it. And that’s when she plans a round-the-globe travel to find her real self.

On the Road

Life of a young writer turns upside down with the arrival of Dean Moriarity and his Marylou. They travel the whole country, see mixed people. And all of this leaves an impact…


Right before her marriage, a young rich girl is kidnapped in front of the eyes of her husband-to-be who makes no efforts to rescue her. With time, this girl falls in love with her kidnapper as they travel for a hideout city to city together.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

This is an average film in comparison to the others discussed. But the passion of the character towards travel played by Ranbir Kapoor will definitely make you hit the roads.

You still waiting? I thought you must have started packing your bags already. GOOOO!

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Devashish Vaid
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