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HP Governor Launches Campaign Against Drug Addiction

The Governor said drug trade had increased five fold in states like Manipur, Mizoram and Punjab during past one year.

Stating that drugs distort society and lead to heinous crimes, Himachal Pradesh Governor Acharya Devvrat on Wednesday called for an “all out war” against the menace in the state. Inaugurating the campaign against drug addiction organised by Shimla Press Club in Shimla, he said the state should be made “drug free” as it was ruinous for people, especially for youth and society at large. Of course, getting rid of the drugs is only one problem, treating the addiction that’s also been created is another worry. Those suffering can seek treatment here as well as various other rehab facilities, but those suffering need to be dedicated to overcoming their addiction otherwise treatments may not work.

HP Governor

The Governor said drug trade had increased five fold in states like Manipur, Mizoram and Punjab during past one year as assessed from the seizures made by the investigation agencies and the quantity of drugs which escaped the lenses of investigating agencies was much more. He said drugs not only affected the physical and mental health of the addict but also incapacitated them, led to an increase in crime, and called upon the media to aggressively participate in the campaigns against drug abuse to eradicate the “social evil”. The rising cases of drug abuse are prevalent not only in India but also in several Asian countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, etc. If one had to have a shot at getting rid of their substance abuse, they would need to take a look at rehabilitation centers that could provide services such as ice addiction recovery in Thailand or other similar countries. Understandably, the growing concern around drugs has escalated of late and it thus, would be prudent for individuals and government officials to take preventive measures to curb the same.

He said the use of intoxicants not only negatively impacted the well being of the individuals, but also distorted society and led to heinous crime, poor health, poor performance in education. Devvrat said a mass campaign against drug abuse was the need of the hour. The Governor announced rupees grant of Rs one lakh to the Press Club Shimla for organising the campaign against drugs.

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