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Wanna Gift Your Traveler Friend Something? Choose From Our List!


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Seasoned travellers will tell you that the trick to have a successful trip is to pack light and compact. So when you want to gift something to your friend who likes to travel, make sure it is something he can use and carry with him. Khurki has picked some interesting gifts for you today, some that will come very handy and take very little space in the bag. Order any of these items today and we are sure your friend’s face will lit up with a smile.

The Hoboroll will end packing woes

If your friend likes to travel but hates to pack, then this is it. This is a compression sack which can come very handy on outdoor expeditions. The bag has well designed pockets in which you can pack almost everything. And once the travel is over, it can be compressed to half its size.

Image Source
Image Source

Ahh…the Skimask

If your friend has a fetish for quirky gifts, gift him this. This mask looks super cool and it has a flap that can be adjusted. This gift is sure to become his most favourite travel accessory.

Image Source
Image Source

The Selk’bag for a good night sleep

After a long day of walking, every traveler looks for a good night sleep. This product ensures exactly that. Your friend will relax in peace and remember you with a smile.

Image Source
Image Source

The Slapsee Sunglasses

You will be shocked to know that these glasses can actually fold around your wrist. They can also go on the ankle and the bars of a cycle. It is the perfect gift for a friend who keeps moving all the time.

Image Source
Image Source

Get her a life straw

This is the perfect gift for those who like to go on hikes, treks and take part in extreme sports. It is like a personal water filter, which ensures that your friend always drinks clean and germ-free water.

Image Source
Image Source

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