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Traffic Violators Beware. ‘Traffic Tau’ Is Keeping A Close Watch

Tau ji, yo ke sae?

If you are travelling by road in Gurgaon, watch out for a big burly guy dressed up in a rustic manner. Of all the things, do not break any traffic rules or else you will get beaten by that latth that he is carrying.

Why? Because he is out on the roads to ensure that everyone follows traffic rules.

Meet “Traffic Tau” Virender Singh, who is actually a cop with the state police department. The department has come up with an innovative way to ensure that people follow the traffic rules and not get away with bribing.

traffic tau

An ASI in Faridabad police, the “Tau” can be seen on the roads and Metro of Gurgaon. He not only teaches valuable lessons on safety norms to every commuter but also educates them about other social vices.

Well, this is something commendable that he is doing. Great Job Virender, it shows how dedicated you are towards your work!

You are truly a SUPER-COP!!!


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