These Actors Are Not Responsible For Brands They Endorse!


After the Maggi ban and troubles that our favourite celebrities are facing, it’s time we all realised one thing. It is not their fault if what they are saying in the TVC contradicts with what the product is.

They were not told to lie to their fans, they were just given a script to narrate. Holding them responsible for it, is simply crazy and if you go by that logic, you have to arrest all the CEOs of TV channels for airing the advertisements. All the vendors and shops branded by Nestle for Maggi should be fined. Makers of any board or signboards related to Maggi should also be fined.

Clearly, this would not be possible.

So, Khurki wants to offer explicit support to the Bollywood stars, as the claims made in the product advertisements would be more glamourised than the product. There would always be a mismatch:

Please accept the fact, it’s a soft drink and will not give you skills of diving off with car from a plane. While thus trying, if you die. It is certainly won’t be Salman Khan’s fault.

It’s is just a hair oil, and in case if it doesn’t take away your stress, Sir Bachchan won’t be responsible for it.

Now, you won’t hold Ranveer Singh responsible if your girlfriend or wife gets pregnant, would you! It’s YOU!

If your in-laws don’t give you the sanitary facilities, you won’t hold Vidya Balan responsible for it or demand to use HER toilet.

Hair oil might not make your hair stronger or your relationship with your mom. And Priyanka Chopra IS responsible for it?

A deodorant might give you fragrance, but girls chasing your bikes and then taking off their jackets and smelling you all over is quite a far-fetched idea. Go hold Saif Ali Khan’s throat for this!

Even if these bulbs become a cause of fire in your house, Irrfan Khan IS definitely not going to expect a notice from your lawyer.

You might or might not get whiter teeth in one week, but Sonam won’t give hers to you. She is not responsible, my friend.

Wearing these slippers won’t get you firangs hitting on you in Hindi. And if you don’t get one, is Sonakshi responsible? And if you don’t look stylish at the same time, she’s to be blamed, right?

This celeb confesses it himself…

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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