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Off Your Kitchen Shelves, Straight To Your Bedroom

Are your bedroom routines becoming boring and monotonous?

Don’t go looking for kinky stuff online yet, first have a close look at your refrigerator.

We bet you will be able to find some very interesting stuff there.

We have collected for you today bedroom friendly foods, that you must have in your kitchen first.

1. Whipped Cream

This is the God of all sexy foods and is found in all kitchens. It gives out a sexy sound, can be used without hands and the best part is, that it doesn’t melt. Plus it’s a great moisturiser for skin. Just Kidding!!


2. Ice Cubes

We all know the pleasure that a sliding cube of ice gives. Ask your beau to slide it all over your special lady places, and we bet you will thank us later. Another reason to be grateful for summers!


3. Peanut Butter

If you are planning a lick-off, why not make it a tasty one. Peanut butter is tasty, it does not melt and is packed with potassium.

4. Sugar Cubes

We know of many housewives who swear by this one. It might upset the pH balance of your special place, but is worth it totally.


5. Popsicles

They are just ice cubes  with a stick, so definitely more handy and easy to use. But you need to be quick as they melt in a jiffy.

6. Melted Chocolate

Chocolate is the ultimate aphrodisiac. You don’t need our guidance for this one. Just remember the skid marks that it leaves behind are really tough to get off the sheets.

7. Cucumbers

We are split on our opinion on this one. They are handy replicas, but aren’t you going to detest cucumber raita for the rest of your life.


Choice is yours…..

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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