7 Unique Ways To Cause Insult During An Argument!


Funny or insulting, you need to be both when you are with your friends…isn’t that right? Well, Shakespeare thought about that ages ago when you were busy not existing. If you are losing arguments and being the joke of the group every time, these 8 comebacks will help you to be the Savage of your group and insult your friends!

Khurki comes out with some of the insults that can surely save you from a group embarrassment and help you slander people! Here we go…

1) What, you egg?

Calling someone by the term egg is itself a good way to insult someone. I mean no hate towards the egg but what Shakespeare meant by this was – “BORING, DULL, OVAL SHAPED AND WITHOUT ANY DEFINING FEATURES.”

2) “You have a February face, so full of frost, of storm and cloudiness”

If someone is cold and unpleasant to you then this is what you gotta use. Yes, exactly this because what it means is that someone is cold, unpleasant and seems to be angry. While you say this enjoy seeing the person figure out that what does it really mean!


3) “I’ll beat thee, but I would infect my hands.”

The best way to exit a fight where you don’t wanna go all boxing with someone is to say this. What this really means is that someone is so disgusting that if you even beat them you would get sick by touching them. Just be careful! Because the other person might wanna beat you up after this!


4) “Thou art as fat as butter”

“Not even worthy of your saliva”. That’s what this insult means. So don’t waste your saliva talking to people who are nuts because all they gonna do is …drive you nuts!


5) “Away, you three-inch fool!”. Someone’s stinky? Use this insult

English translation – Get out of my sight, fool!

Khurki translation – You not worthy to be around me! Get out of my sight you chipmunk


Khurki translation – Keep your distance from foolish people because you ain’t one!


 6) “I am sick when I do look on thee”…One big fat Insult!

First you were sick from touching them, now you are sick just looking at them! The level keeps rising up…Guess Shakespeare had many fools in his life!

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7) “Away, you mouldy rogue, away!”, Unless you want to hurt someone don’t use this insult!

Translation: You are unwanted and dishonest fungi and I want you to get lost.

Shakespeare was just too creative with the words he used and now it’s your turn to be smart and use these words exactly where and when they are required to be used.

Caution – Unnecessary use of these insults might end you up with a swollen eye and a broken limb!

Daanish Katyal
Daanish Katyal
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