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10 Weird Inventions You’ll Be Shocked To Know About!

Weird, insane, ridiculous or odd, tech is tech and inventions are inventions. This past decade, we have seen self-driving cars and things like digital currency. Bet no one could have imagined that all this tech will be coming so quick.

Now that these inventions have seen the light of the day let’s take a look at these Weird yet interesting inventions. If not educate, they might just make us laugh!

1) Nose Stylus

We all have heard about the crazy expensive Apple pencil and the Samsung pen, but what you might have not heard about is THE nose stylus. Just in case you end up with no fingers to use your phone, at least you will have your nose!

2) The Flask Tie

For a second, let’s just assume you end up being so busy that you don’t have time to grab a drink for yourself. That’s exactly where Flask Tie can save you! Guess what? It’s on Amazon too……

weird inventions

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3) Vibrating jeans

Watches were just not enough for you to not miss your notifications. Clothes? Jeans? Seriously? Yes, now your jeans can also vibrate when your phone vibrates. If you still miss calls and notifications, probably you should throw your phone in Niagra.

weird inventions

4) The Necomimi

Manufacturers discontinued it’s production (obviously) but it’s still available on Amazon. Great job Amazon! Necomimi is a headband with a microchip in it. Necomimi is designed to read your brainwaves and figure out what mood you are in. The ears on the headband move according to your mood and hey, now you know what mood you are in.

weird inventions

5) Flatulence filtering underwear

Invented by a British industrial designer named Paul O’Leary, this underwear is just the right thing to wear if you had “mooli ke pranthe”. Oh, you see where this is going and it might be time to leave your casual underwear behind and go for this, especially if you can’t control your diet!

6) Quack muzzles for dogs

If you want to make your dog cuter than he already is and miss having a duck, this might be just the thing for you!

weird inventions

7) Baby Mop

Domestic help? Naaaah! Take baby help. This thing acts like a giant rag and lets your baby do all the hard work while crawling and your floor is all shiny and clean.

8) Mould covered sandwich bags

If you are someone whose sandwiches are always eaten by others or your Mom makes them too yummy then this is what you really need! Putting your sandwich in a mould covered bag will give just the right illusion of a stale sandwich. Eat it! Eat it without sharing it with anyone!

9) Shoe Umbrella

In times when we have shoes as expensive as your annual salary, you really need to protect your shoes, isn’t it? That’s where the shoe umbrella comes in!

weird inventions

10) iPhone fan

Summers have started and we can’t have fans everywhere. So we have an iPhone fan to save us from this scorching heat. Well it “makes you less hot”.

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