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Himachal Witness Summer Heat, Shimla Hits 25.2 Degrees Celsius!

There is no denial in the fact that summer has strengthened its position in India. And with the ongoing heatwave over most parts of mid-west states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP and Maharashtra, temperature figures over rest of the country are scaling up to new highs. And joining the bandwagon of hot weather is the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh. At present, most parts of the hilly state is witnessing the first spell of hot weather. To fight this, many citizens are trying their best to ensure that they have the means to combat the heat. Whether it is stocking up on water, keeping themselves hydrated, or getting in touch with their local HVAC company, and ensuring that they have a functioning carrier central air conditioning system that will help them keep themselves and their homes cool.

Maximum temperatures are scaling to new highs everyday as they settle 7-8 degrees above the normal levels. Even the minimums are nearing 20°Cs. People travelling to the queen of hills, Shimla will be facing hot weather conditions. At present, the maximum temperature in Shimla is recorded 25.2°C and for the next 3-4 days temperatures are expected to be in this range only. In fact, at 09:00am on March 29, Shimla observed the temperature scaling to 25°C. So, even the mornings in the hill station is not pleasant enough. And so, many citizens are looking for alternative ways to ensure that they can combat the heat, many of which can be used by anyone across the world. Some homeowners and business owners have taken to installing 3M Window Film to reduce the amount of infrared sunlight that enters the building and heats it up. Those who cannot get window film can also utilize blinds and curtains on windows in contact with direct sunlight. Many carry around water to keep themselves hydrated. And anyone with a unit can make sure their home’s air conditioning systems are in good working order by getting in touch with a company similar to this Air Conditioning Carnegie service.

The sad bit is such weather conditions are prevailing over most of Himachal. In the span of 24 hours from 08:30 am on Tuesday, the maximum temperatures across Himachal are as follows:

Back to back Western Disturbance is expected to grace the Western Himalayas by March 31. Even then, there won’t be any weather activity over most of Himachal Pradesh. Only the higher reaches of the state and Jammu and Kashmir will get some rain and snow activity. With such hot weather in place, a trip to Himachal is most likely a waste of money.

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Himachal Khurki
Himachal Khurki
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