What If You Swallow A Chewing Gum? Watch…

chewing gum

There are so many times when while talking you accidentally swallow your chewing gum..!!

I know you are nodding at the moment in agreement and you are also scared of the stories people kept telling you like…oh it’s gonna wrap around your heart and you’ll die…it’s gonna stay in your gut forever…and what not..

But factually speaking aesa kuch nai hota..

A chewing gum is basically made from resin, colouring agents, gum base, sweeteners and flavouring agents. This is a non-digestive thing and does not break down in your system.

It simply keeps fighting with your gut juices…keeps going down your intestines and finally gets flushed out..the last time you’ll probably see it..it will no longer be as chewy..if wanna try picking it up again and putting it in your mouth…not such a good idea though…but it won’t even taste the same..

Don’t believe me – Try it for yourself..!!

In children though it can sometimes cause a rectal blockage..

Details can be seen here:


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