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Potty Train Your Pet With Vicks! Are You Kidding Me?


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KHURKI is a character who's sarcastic by birth and has sarcasm running in its veins in place of blood. Its bitter-sour tongue gives it the edge!

You know Vicks since like a 100 years now and you can swear by its effectiveness… especially jab maa ke haath se lagaya hua ho sone se pehle..!!

Guaranteed fark padega..

So this is the most basic use but there are many other benefits of this product too…

Read more and understand that Vicks has so many other benefits besides the ones that you already know…

1. Chest Decongestion

This is the basic one which all of us already know and swear by…


2. Effective Sleep

In case you feel chills down your spine while sleeping, then what can help is a layer of Vicks Vaporub on your feet. Yep, try applying a layer on your soles and put on a pair of cotton socks that are not too tight. You will sleep like a baby..!!


3. Tired Muscles?

In case you feel worn out and have all these muscle aches happening, then just do what is exactly needed. Rub this gooey balm on your aching muscles and you will feel better in no time. It increases circulation and provides almost instant aid.


4. Curb Nail Fungus

If you have nails that are troubling you due to the ingrown fungus, then here’s the solution that you should have known way back..!! Just apply a layer on your fungus infected nail for nearly 2 weeks and see the bad nail falling off after getting black…if it’s getting dark then don’t fret because it’s the bacteria that’s getting killed.


5. Paper Cuts and Splinters

In case your office printer leaves you with paper cuts or splinters, then you can save yourself from infection by applying Vicks on it.


6. Focus For Your Race Horse

What..??? hehehe that’s true..!! In case you own a horse and it is a racing horse, you could use Vicks on its nostrils to keep it away from the smell of female horses and keep him running in the race instead of chasing the female horses.


7. Helping Stretch Marks

Surprisingly, using vicks vapor rub for old stretch marks is a way to reduce the scarring of stretch marks. The combination of different oils in Vicks will help moisturize the marks and reduce them.

8. Potty Train Your Pet

If your pet is not potty trained yet and keeps peeing everywhere, this one will put an end to it. Just rub a layer of Vicks on the surface where he frequently wees and the strong smell of Vicks will make him find a new place.. which of course can be your next thing of worry.. lol.


Amazing thing, isn’t it! That’s exactly what Khurki was aiming at…!

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