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Royal Baby Girl v/s Mango Girl!


Devashish Vaid
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We all look up to famous people as we get lured by the lifestyle they lead, especially when it is about Royal Blood. But don’t forget, we might be able to lead their life but our’s would be a tough deal for them. At a time that the Royal family is busy welcoming the Royal Baby, we cannot, (how preposterous it may seem), stop ourselves from imagining what all she will miss that an Indian mango girl enjoys.

Ten things any Royal Kid won’t be able to do in her whole life, but are daily routines for any mango Indian girl.

Gol Gappe on the street.

royal baby golgappe

Driving scooty like hell.


royal baby

Hanging out with boyfriend in public places.


royal baby dating

That feeling of getting something you waited too long for.

Joy of spending saved money.

Dancing on cousin’s wedding, that too on an item number.

Rain dance with friends on street.

royal baby friends dance

Watching last show of the movie

royal baby late night movie

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