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This Mothers Day, Khurki’s 20-Point Action List If You Love Your Mom


Richa Sharmahttps://khurki.net
For Khurki, I am providing sarcasm, which is the only free service I offer. Rest, I'm still digging the earth to get as grounded as possible...Soul to Sole....

Actions speak louder than words! So, this Mothers Day, go out and act and make your mother feel very-very special.
I love U mom

mom love u

1. Come Home On Time – You know she won’t sleep till you’re cozy in bed

 2. Go Grocery Shopping With Her – She wants you to learn the art of bargaining

3. Help Her With What To Wear – She wants to dress to make her family feel good

 4. Never Miss Her Calls – That’s when she feels that caring pinch for you

5. Go To The Mandir If She Insists – Shivji ji ki puja is must for you

6. Wear A Suit For Religious Functions – Sacrifice that denim once in a while

7. Call Your Grandparents Sometimes – Naana naani need love

8. Never Argue With Your Dad – That’s only her right

9. Try Saving From Your Little-Never-Enough Pocket Money -Buy her a purse

10. Make Cards For Her – A I love you Mom card on her birthday and My Mom’s the best Archies greeting on Mother’s Day can even make her cry

11. Be Nice To Her Best Friends – No matter how mean they may seem, your Mom cares for them

12. Take Her Out – A drive on a pleasant rainy day and listening to old Bollywood songs to build nostalgia

13. Always Eat Those Soaked Almonds – Give her some too

soaked almonds

14. Remember To Teach Her WhatsApp – Do send her some little emotional message now and then

15. Never Miss The Havan, Pooja or Sai Sandhya At Home – This will embarrass her no end

16. She Hates Those Black And Blue Pajyamas Of Yours – Wear the pink and yellow to show her you are still her doll

17. Ask Her What To Wear – She will come to dress her little barbie doll promptly

18. Oil Your Hair Regularly – When you were born, she wanted you to have long beautiful goldilock hair

19. Tell Her You Will Marry The Guy Of Her Choice, Or You Want A Hubby Like Dad – She’ll kiss you on your forehead

20. Bake Her A Cake On Her Birthday – Even if it’s burnt, she’ll eat it coz it’s ur love and not the taste that matters to her

21. Read Khurki Regularly And Mark It As Your Favourite – Khurki jaane aapke dil ke har baat!


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