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This Mothers Day, Khurki’s 20-Point Action List If You Love Your Mom

Actions speak louder than words! So, this Mothers Day, go out and act and make your mother feel very-very special.
I love U mom

mom love u

1. Come Home On Time – You know she won’t sleep till you’re cozy in bed

 2. Go Grocery Shopping With Her – She wants you to learn the art of bargaining

3. Help Her With What To Wear – She wants to dress to make her family feel good

 4. Never Miss Her Calls – That’s when she feels that caring pinch for you

5. Go To The Mandir If She Insists – Shivji ji ki puja is must for you

6. Wear A Suit For Religious Functions – Sacrifice that denim once in a while

7. Call Your Grandparents Sometimes – Naana naani need love

8. Never Argue With Your Dad – That’s only her right

9. Try Saving From Your Little-Never-Enough Pocket Money -Buy her a purse

10. Make Cards For Her – A I love you Mom card on her birthday and My Mom’s the best Archies greeting on Mother’s Day can even make her cry

11. Be Nice To Her Best Friends – No matter how mean they may seem, your Mom cares for them

12. Take Her Out – A drive on a pleasant rainy day and listening to old Bollywood songs to build nostalgia

13. Always Eat Those Soaked Almonds – Give her some too

soaked almonds

14. Remember To Teach Her WhatsApp – Do send her some little emotional message now and then

15. Never Miss The Havan, Pooja or Sai Sandhya At Home – This will embarrass her no end

16. She Hates Those Black And Blue Pajyamas Of Yours – Wear the pink and yellow to show her you are still her doll

17. Ask Her What To Wear – She will come to dress her little barbie doll promptly

18. Oil Your Hair Regularly – When you were born, she wanted you to have long beautiful goldilock hair

19. Tell Her You Will Marry The Guy Of Her Choice, Or You Want A Hubby Like Dad – She’ll kiss you on your forehead

20. Bake Her A Cake On Her Birthday – Even if it’s burnt, she’ll eat it coz it’s ur love and not the taste that matters to her

21. Read Khurki Regularly And Mark It As Your Favourite – Khurki jaane aapke dil ke har baat!


Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma
For Khurki, I am providing sarcasm, which is the only free service I offer. Rest, I'm still digging the earth to get as grounded as possible...Soul to Sole....


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