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8 Issues That Can Be Probable Points Of Argument With Parents!

We all love our parents but tantrums, arguments and shouting matches are frequent with them. A big challenge! But it’s very common because this is the stage where teens start developing their own identity. This is the time when they prepare themselves as an individual capable of thinking and deciding on their own. Sad but true, this is the one main reason why teenagers argue with their parents and they start keeping distance from them. Being in that age, trying to list some probable points of argument with parents.

No matter what you do, it’s not good enough

Mostly parents don’t get satisfied with their kids’ accomplishments and also don’t let them enjoy the success. You strive hard to get a higher position in your job or good grades in exams but all you get is ‘Awesome, keep it up’! That’s it?

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Not giving time to family

Even if they know that you are busy with work and deadlines, parents will always end up thinking that you don’t care as you don’t really spend much time with them. Leading to another argument!

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Not letting us be who we are

They try to mould their kids into another version of themselves. Making them talk and act according to them. Don’t let them express their point of view. This is another big issue that i go through. I am my own person, my parents can’t change me. If i want to cut my hair a certain way, I will. I make my own decisions and my parents have to let me be.

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Being partial with kids

We all complain about our parents that they love, support and listen more to our siblings and with us they are very strict. Preferring one child over other brings arguments with them.

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Seeking love outside of family

Teenage is a complicated period every person goes through. We need love, attention and sympathy but when we don’t get this attention from our parents, we seek it outside. And when we finally get our happiness, parents get insecure and that leads to an argument.

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Comparison with others

Everyone hates to be compared. No two people are same but who can explain that to our parents? Parents love to compare their kids with others. Teens hate it and they explode.

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Choosing tradition over passion

Parents usually do this with their kids. Money is what matters the most than their child’s happiness. By doing this not only kids hold a grudge against you but their lack of passion for their ‘forced job’ could inhibit their career growth. This decision making for career leads to a big fight with parents.

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Not understanding needs

We ask for various stuff and share things with them. If they think that isn’t suitable for us at this age, then try to stop us. Due to this, teenagers start being secretive and that can be dangerous. The parents are also at fault. When it comes to understanding, parents are generally found wanting.

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Amneet Kaur
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