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Bizarre Questions That Can Make Newly Weds Do a Double Take

By definition, the term newly weds are two people who have decided to walk together the path of a promising, loving and fruitful future.

It all starts with two people getting attracted to each other and more often than not ends in marriage, be it by the exchange of vows or taking the saat/chaar pheras.

A new life begins for the newly weds, not only with each other but the whole family and the extended family too. So, you might say what’s wrong with that as that’s what happens when two people get married. Agreed.

But what’s not agreeable is that within a couple of hours of being married, the newly weds start getting bombarded with a string of absolutely bizarre questions.

If you are a newlywed or are soon going to be married, you need to read on. Marriage might have its perks but it also a lot of QUESTIONS!!

1) So, how are you feeling after getting married?

I mean what’s the big deal? If you are married to someone you love why will you feel anything different. Why do people have to question the newly weds about the fact that nothing changes within a couple of hours.

newly weds

2) Bahu, are you going to continue with your job?

Hey, I mean it’s great you are working but you won’t be able to work much in future.
Stay at home and take care of your family. One may want to give savage replies to their traditional relatives but then “respect” comes in! After all, you are the naya naveli dulhan…

newly weds

3) Oh, you live with your in-laws

Society is always keen to hear more about the expected-near-normal spicy relationship between the daughter and the mother-in-law. People will definitely ask this question to check the bahu’s equation with the devil incarnate saasu ma. All these typical serials have already corrupted people and the cliched prodding happens like: “Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi”.

newly weds

4) Toh khushkhabri kab suna rhe ho?

Good news guys, good news? The meaning of news and good news changes the very first day of the marriage. The moment you’re done with your wedding rituals just run. Because your relatives are definitely going to ask you about your plans for…Arre samajh hi gye hoge? Man am talking about the plans where you end up adding another member to your family! I mean if your grandparents haven’t already asked for one, are they even your grandparents?

babies birth

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5) Advice for newly weds: Control your partner

Be it the husband or the wife, one will always be encouraged to have an upper hand on their partner. “Haath se nikalne mat dena” is a very common statement that is preached by everyone. Newly weds shouldn’t fall into these false traps and give equal love and space to their partner.


6) Daal chawal for the rest of your life?

Some cool dude will definitely poke in his/her nose by doubting if the couple will last forever. Often marriages are compared to having boring dal chawal every day, but then dal chaal can be spiced up too. You just have to be imaginative, creative and enthused. Ahem Ahem!

newly weds

7) How lucky, now you have licence to have sex every day!

Sex – Sex – Sex, Kuch aur bhi soch liya karo! I mean somehow I also agree with the fact that you can have IT anytime of the day or night, but is it actually so? Is it even practical or one just slips into complacency? The perpetual headache funda one hears a lot about…

newly weds


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