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If A Girl Talks To You On Phone For Long, Does She Love You?

“Does she love you?” Are you sure about this question and are you asking about it on the basis of a few phone calls…okay okay long phone calls. But still they are phone calls only. I mean love is not the only thing behind long telephonic conversations. Humans talk to each other for a lot of reasons other than love. For instance, out of boredom, friendship, sympathy. To boost your hope, let’s add that she finds you interesting 😉 But still, this can’t be taken as love.

Love can’t be assured

Even if the girl is interested in you, that doesn’t necessarily mean she loves you because she could have someone as the love of her life. So how could you imagine a girl to be in love with you that too through long telephone calls.

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Every girl isn’t same

Yup! Each girl is different. What is going on in the head of a girl when she talks to you can’t be the as another one. There’s no secret decoder ring for “what it means” when it comes to a girl.

Mutual understanding

You can talk to a person for the entire night that too without being sleepy if the conversation is of interest to both of you. It is not about love but about the mutual understanding and zone of similar interests of two personalities.

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Don’t get me wrong

She could be loving you as a brother, a friend, a helper, a classmate, a good boy or as a good citizen. And if you are good at maths, you can figure out the probability of her loving you as a boyfriend 😛

Explore the meaning of love

There’s much more to love than just talking over phone for an hour. Whether this would lead to “love” in future, only future can tell. Please don’t bring every feeling down to “love”. If not anything, it belittles its meaning.

Customer care service

If this is your philosophy of love, just imagine a man who wastes his hours with the customer care to get his problems solved. Not only this, by being very nice to him she tries to solve his problem but as we all know resolution of problems is never accomplished. So she loves him? Ha ha ha…..
Amrita Garg
Amrita Garg
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