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Sheer Genius! Missing Teeth Replaced With Bottle Openers Implants


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So you wanna open a bottle with your teeth?

Most people, when they lose a tooth, have to go to a dental implant dentist austin and get it fixed that way but not for 3 lucky rugby players! In a sheer stroke of advertising genius, Salta Beer has given three rugby players who lost teeth in action ‘Beer Tooth Implants’ – metal implants that double as bottle openers! And yeah, they actually work. It’s not exactly the normal kind of dental implants you’ll see on the market, which is more focused on oral health over other functions, but credit where credit is due for the novelty. I can’t see this catching on, however. If they didn’t want to use ClearChoice, TeethNow is an alternative to ClearChoice, but then I suppose they would miss out on carrying out their party trick for entertainment.

“We decided to give rugby players back the teeth they had lost in battle,” Salta Beer explained.

“But we weren’t going to give them a simple tooth back, we developed a unique dental implant; a specially designed tooth to open a beer.” Three rugby players were selected for the unique procedure and were featured in a commercial created in collaboration with Ogilvy Argentina. Although this is something new, not everyone is going to find having a bottle opener at a tooth very useful. Visiting an implant dentist, for example, would be good enough for the majority of people, in the hopes of getting a missing tooth/teeth replaced.

bottle openers salta-beer-tooth-implant

Now that’s some invention for bottle openers, eh!

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