Often you must have heard, Keep it Short and Sweet (KISS) when you ought to deliver a strong and useful message. It is understood and interpreted in a much better and clear way. At a time when a 2-3 hours movie ends up having no impact on the viewers, there are certain short films that will restore your faith in Indian cinema and believe us that these stories have that additional Khurki factor and that’s the reason they are on our watch list. Rest, all of you very well know the very worth of a real time kiss. Keep it as you want and enjoy these short stories.

The Affair

Every couple spending their precious time on Marine Drive opts that very place for a reason. It’s not at all bad or with some wrong intention. See the reason why.


This short film portrays the struggle of a family in Pakistan desperately trying to secure a safe future. Redefining the adverse situations in war hit areas across the globe.

Nayantara’s Necklace

Starring Konkona Sen Sharma, Tillotama Shome and Gulshan Devaiah this short movie narrates the pretentious side of people who dream of living a certain kind of life and create a pretense to make others believe it as their truth.


Short Films
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When things aren’t going well in life Manoj Bajpayee who acts as a Constable in this short film, lets it go and starts dancing at Ganpati Visarjan. Believe us, you just can’t stop looking at his craziness and the way he enjoys the moment. Watch the movie here.

Bombay Mirror

Religion should not be the reason of one turning against another is what this story conveys. What seems like just another day at the barber’s shop turns one man against another and the root cause being communal tension. What media portrays can lead to much adverse clashes. We need to act justly.

Going Home

Can we give a world that a woman expects? A big question right? The safety of a woman cannot be guaranteed unless we as a society strive towards it. This short film gives us a glimpse of a society that might look unrealistic today, but can be a dose for better tomorrow.


This 2015 short film is a love story that goes beyond the realm of life and death.


Starring Manoj Bajpayee and Radhika Apte, this short film is a psychological thriller, exploring the reality of our existence.


Starring Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta, this short film is about a middle aged couple who have discovered BDSM, all thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey!

The School Bag

Based on the Peshawar attacks of 2014, this short film narrates the story of a loving mother who receives a heartbreaking news on her son’s birthday. The in-depth understanding of the character played by the mother leaves a lasting impact on the audience.

That Day After Everyday

This 2013 story deals with the social menace that is eve teasing. The film revolves around three women who are subject to face harassment for no fault of their own.


Though this short film kicks off with a simple story of a home maker. Howerver, as the story progresses, you start finding layers to her character. And the end is really going to give you a shock.

Interior Cafe Night

This short film explores love in a way that will leave you with a bittersweet feeling. Starring Naseeruddin Shah, Shernaz Patel, Naveen Kasturia and Shweta Prasad the story revolves around lost opportunities when it comes to love.

Going Dutch

This short film will definitely make you see your date in a whole new way.

Khaney Mein Kya Hai?

Generation gap plays its part and feminism its own. The story of a daughter narrating her honeymoon in a whole new way to her mother and maid is truly surprising. Though each scene leaves you laughing, but don’t miss the real message.

No Smoking

We all know that Smoking is injurious to health. But still many don’t quit. But this short film has a relevant point, that what if your last wish is not fulfilled. Think about it!


Who doesn’t like Kheer. We all just love it, right? But this Kheer story is bit different. Showcasing the talk we all need to understand. There is true love in friendship.


We witness the trivial cycle of news that is dictated by sex scenes going viral on social media. Trolling isn’t an unusual occurrence and we all know that the celebrities have the worst of it. But certain conversations makes it all well.

Mama’s Boys

Oh this one is way too crazy. It sets Draupadi’s tale in the present times, talking about a woman’s right to choose for herself. Well we don’t want to elaborate much, enjoy your watch.


What’s in a name. This short story makes you believe that a lot of things depend just on a name. The journey that one experiences can take your life to just new ans exciting level.

In Defence of Freedom

We all have certain opinions, but many have opinions that are way beyond our imagination. This short film conveys Manto’s philosophy of fearlessly putting opinion across one’s opinion.

We Indians are crazy for movies and with such amazing short films, the feel and essence it carries is worth a watch. We hope you enjoyed every bit of this blog and we know we have missed out many more such amazing tales on this list. Feel free to share and comment.


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