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Life As You Know It: I Miss You Tom!


Dev Biswas
"Neither a writer, nor a poet. Just a silly empath. "

The Light bulb, to its creator…

I miss you tom (darkness)
Photographer: Dev Biswas

Little did I know that I had to burn every second for centuries,

so that I could fill others’ darkness with light

Yes, I shone with all my might,

Didn’t even whisper the pain of my burns

‘cos they were happy,

In my light

I illuminated their lives

I gave their ambivalence a direction

I showed them the path

But I was hung at the same place..

For centuries..

They came and they left.

Some stayed for moments,

Some, for months..

But no one stayed forever here,

‘cos they all had to leave

when the sun replaced me, and the darkness was gone.

But the cold fairy arrived every night.

I held their hand, just when they were afraid,

afraid of the darkness, that’d scream in their ears, if I wasn’t there.

So I burnt my heart for them, every moment,

And illuminated their lives..

Day by day…

Every minute…

Every second…

And boy, I did shine.

Just like Thomas said the day I was born, with exhilarated eyes,

“Boy, you’ll shine”.

But no one even notices my shine today.

I suppose, they’re all used to it.

I exist in inexistence today.

Thomas, let me tell you, You’re missed.

I miss you, my sweet Edison.

– The dying glass bulb

I miss you tom (illumination)
Photographer: Dev Biswas
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