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Getting Sorted: Going Beyond The Cycle Of Good, Better and Best

Making comparisons is an odious and misguided practice. It instantly negates the original and singular individual characteristics that define the things or people being...

Treat each birthday as a chance for a RETAKE..

Like pebbles thrown in quiet waters, birthdays create a passing stir in the mind and commotion in an otherwise routine life. They can be...

Walk on…Take Charge of Your Life!!

I grew up in the Himalayan mountains where walking a few miles was an essential, quotidian affair in keeping with the way of life....

How To Divert Yourself From Overthinking About Something?

Time to concentrate on this too...

Lif As We Know It: The City Of Joy

In one of the million yellow vehicles swarming the streets of this city, I am overwhelmed with a million thoughts in my mind; about...

Life As You Know It: I Miss You Tom!

The Light bulb, to its creator… Little did I know that I had to burn every second for centuries, so that I could fill others’ darkness...

Life As We Know It: Hitting The Writer’s Block!

Today, I cannot write. Today, I'm afraid I'll fail my beloved pen, my beloved book of poetry. Though I do try. To wander into...

Down With Cold? Be Prepared To Go Through Much More!

Keep the fluids flowing and stay warm!

Rumi Quotes That Will Inspire You To Love More!

Be positive, love the love!

Typical Notions Sardars Have Of South India! Please Don’t Mind!

Jaa, kar le phir Madrassan Se Shaadi!

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