Typical Notions Sardars Have Of South India! Please Don’t Mind!

south india

Today, lots of North Indians are living in the South and they can be often heard saying that in North “we do this, we have this and that…..but not in South”.

These thoughts and concepts usually are about culture, lifestyle, and most importantly food! Fortunately or unfortunately, a relative divide was formed after the movie ‘2 States’ featuring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor!

Are you still wondering what all this is about? Take a look.


7. Yaar language da bada siyapa hai aitthe…

If you know Hindi then it’s easy to find your way through nearly every state in North India. But in South, you are like a lost animal!! Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam make things more complicated. So the question is how many languages do we learn?



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