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Only Heard Of Parsi Food? Here’re Top Places To Have It!

Parsis love home cooked food and they only eat at places that can replicate the original taste. Next time when your Parsi friend recommends a place, just go there without a doubt.

But if you don’t have a Parsi friend, don’t fret. We have picked for you the top places to eat yummy Parsi food  in India.

1. Ideal Corner

Where: Mumbai

The restaurant is old and continues to serve ethnic Parsi food. The menu might not be extensive but it sure is worth the visit. Eat some and take some Keema pai home.


2. Soda Bottle Opener Wala

Where: Delhi

The name gives you a great idea of what to expect inside. Plan a Sunday lunch here and you will not be disappointed. The Dhansak is out of the world.

Soda Bottle Opener Wala

3. Red Fork Contemporary Cafe

Where: Bangalore

The staff is courteous, the ambiance delightful and the food absolutely homely. Pick anything on the menu and we promise it will be awesome.

Red Fork Contemporary Cafe

4. Where Else Cafe and Bar

Where: Pune

The Parsi menu is served only on the weekends, so keep that slot free. The Salli Margi will make you go crazy.

4. Where Else Cafe and Bar

5. Shiraz Art Cafe

Where: Chennai

Despite being in Chennai, this joint competes with any South Indian Joint. One visit and you will be hooked for life. You must try their Ghalieh Maahi.

Shiraz Art Cafe


Mummy it is yummy!!!

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