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Rumi Quotes That Will Inspire You To Love More!



Some people say that there is no love at all…it’s just attraction. What do you think?

You gonna like these love lines only if you have ever fallen in love. Come let’s fall in love again. Let’s turn all the dirt in this world to shiny gold~ Rumi♥.

So, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī alias Rumi describes in detail the universal message of love that will make you fall in love again.

“The lover’s cause is separate from all other causes
Love is the astrolabe of God’s mysteries”

Allow me today to bring Rumi quotes on love…

We never know what will happen next

Rumi 1

The act of kindness is a selfless act

Rumi 2

This is so precious

Rumi 3

Happiness is with our loved ones


Rumi’s love is eternal.

Rumi 5

For all my friends whose lovers have gone ahead

Rumi 6

 Self love

Rumi 7

Love gathers love

Rumi 8


Rumi 9

Absolute truth indeed!

Rumi 10

This 13th century Persian poet was the original master of inspiration…. 

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

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