Drunk Indo-American Doc Suspended For Uber Driver Attack


A Miami woman who was filmed attacking an Uber driver and throwing the man’s belongings into the street before walking away has been identified as a local doctor.

Anjali Ramkissoon, who is a fourth-year neurology resident with Jackson Health System, reportedly got into an Uber without a reservation on Sunday night. When the driver asked her to leave, she became angry and belligerent.

But, Jackson Health System said in statement that she has been placed on leave, pending investigation. Among the disciplinary action Ramkissoon faces at the end of the investigation according to Jackson Health is ‘termination’.

The video shows her punching and kicking the man and then getting into the passenger seat of the vehicle and throwing his mail, cell phone, electronics and other devices and possessions out into the street.

Well, people in the service jobs like cabbies often face such kind of characters.

This girl tried to hijack Uber driver’s car, who pulled over for someone else as described in the YouTube description below. She stole the driver’s key and tried to run away with them before the video started.

The video footage was taken by Juan Cinco, who had ordered the car to take him home from the Mary Brickell Village in Miami on Sunday night. He later uploaded the clip to YouTube.

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This Uber driver deserves a bonus for showing patience and restraint. As per reports, no police case has been registered against her as she paid driver money as an apology.

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