Recognising the Value of Priceless Relationships


It was a bad day of my life.  I spent whole day thinking about my past  and that what went wrong with that relationship?  I uploaded many thoughts on my social profile about how I was feeling very low and shattered. I was badly missing her innocence and those late night talks that we had.

I was continuously uploading broken heart’s thoughts and the last thought, which I uploaded was “5 more minutes of happiness”. Posting that particular line I was just requesting  god to give her back at the cost of my life. After that to sleep while demanding death instead of crying.

After some time, I saw her dead body was lying in front of me.  Suddenly a shadow occurred and started laughing. Before I could understand what was happening that shadow asked me, “Do you want her back?” pointing towards that dead body.  I was shocked but wanted her at any cost so frequently replied  with a loud and clear ‘Yes’ to it.

Shadow smiled again and told me to take her body to another room where a lady was sleeping, but I couldn’t see her face. While I was wondering who that lady was, shadow said that it will take that lady’s soul instead of my girlfriend. I was thinking of that lady but was completely confused. I did not understand what I would do as I was virtually killing someone for my happiness.

That shadow smiled again and allowed me to see that lady’s face to make my decision taking process a bit easier. I agreed!! But after seeing that face I woke up! I was very scared, but after feeling that darkness around me. I realized that I was sleeping and it was just a dream. The dream in which I got a chance to get her back in my life as I prayed in my that last line. But what my dream was costing me to be true was unbearable and not affordable at all. And yes it was Priceless.


So now, I am living my life for that priceless lady of my life – My  Mom.


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