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Khurki Is Getting Paw Curious………Bow Bow..!


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With the temperature soaring each day and monsoon still a couple of weeks away, there’s one very important aspect we must pay attention to – dog care!

For all those who have dogs and pooches at home, this is the time to take extra special care of them as they are more heated than us – remember their long furry coats.

Get summer ready ……… with Khurki the big-bro’ to keep the tail wagging……!!

1. Water – Access to water is a must for our tail waggers. Over-heated dog drools excessively and become lethargic.


2. Shade – Access to shade is must. The right amount of shade in summers helps your younger buddy to stay happy and hydrated

Pomeranian Hiding Under Yellow Blanket

3. Hot Surfaces – Keep them away from hot surfaces. It burns their very sensitive paws…. Ouuuuch! it’s hot


4. Exercise – Take your dog out for a walk or exercise in cooler hours of the day. It can reduce the chances of stiff bones and joint issues in the later stage of their life. Many studies have shown that those dogs who do not maintain some level of physical activity can suffer from obesity, which in turn can give rise to a number of problems including stiff bones. Additionally, stiff bones can cause limping, loss of appetite and sudden aggression in dogs. In order to prevent this, it could be a good idea to gather some information regarding this subject matter by reading articles, which can be found on web portals like https://www.peak-pets.com/blog/why-do-dogs-get-stiff-joints/.


5. Dogs In CarNever leave your dogs in the car. It leads to panic being claustrophobic, they even get overexcited. Please leave them back home people!!!!


6. Activity – Best is the swimming activity for dogs. So let’s take the paws for a swim…..a doggie treat!!!


7. External Parasites – Keep them free from external parasites, like fleas and ticks. Our dogs get irritated with these creatures on them, which is why it’s important to try and find some flea pills for my dog to ensure no fleas will be irritiating him. It’s important to look out for signs of fleas and ticks too because they can cause potential health issues for your pet.


8. Let Dig – Dogs dig not out of frustration but to hide food and keep cool with the mud


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Khurki Is Getting Paw Curious………Bow Bow..!

With the temperature soaring each day and monsoon still a couple of weeks away, there's one very important aspect we must pay attention to...

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