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Kuheena Sharma


7 Superstitions You Surely Believe In! #2 I Definitely Follow

Our belief in some supernatural casualty - that one event causes another without any natural process linking the two events - has allowed us...

Khurki Is Getting Paw Curious………Bow Bow..!

With the temperature soaring each day and monsoon still a couple of weeks away, there's one very important aspect we must pay attention to...

Durjoy Datta: An Author By Chance, And Quite A Quirky One!

Durjoy Datta - a literary enthusiast, young, good looking, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, dog lover, admirer of world's exquisiteness AND an author by chance. Not...

Kapil Sibal, From Lawyer To Being A Lyricist For Item Numbers? Believe Khurki!!

KAPIL SIBAL lyrics writer for AR Rahman song ! Has Kapil Sibal, one of the leading Supreme Court lawyers and a former Minister, gone so...

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