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So You Are Hot And Steaming? Then, You Must Be A Red Person!


Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

It is a general belief that people who get drawn to the colour red are high on life.

They are always beaming on energy and ready to go and take on the world. That is true to a certain extent. People who have red as their favourite colour have a deep need of fulfilment, physical achievement and satisfaction in whatever they do. They like to feel life and not just live it.

If you are this person then you will agree to what we have to say:

1. You are an extrovert, who does not get bogged down by problems easily

2. Your survival instincts are always heightened and having sex daily is the same as having tea everyday for you

3. Oh, you love attention and loads of it. You create excitement wherever you go and people get drawn to you like drones

4. Your optimism and high energy are stimulating

5. And obviously, you are highly competitive and like to go for the kill when you have your target set

6. Coming second is not something you take lightly. It’s either all or nothing

7. Your practical sense gets you admirers wherever you go

8. You will not be surprised to know that most famous pioneers and explorers in the world have been lovers of red. Success comes naturally to them

9. But you have your shortcomings too. Along with the high energy comes a tendency to be impulsive. Next time count to 10 before jumping the gun

10. Patience is not your strong point and you tend to error when you go for things in a hurry

11. You are not necessarily religious. It’s just that you don’t have the time for it. You are doers and no time for asking

12. A sincere friend who can bring out the best in his or her friends and push them to do something


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