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With Firm Level of Acceptance Let’s Admire The Fact That We Are Too Lazy Sometimes. This Khurki List Proves it!

Do you actually like being called a lazy bum? No right. We Indians have this tendency of hating this very fact that when someone...

With Increasing Temperature, Water Crisis Also A Major Issue For Shimla Residents

Shimla, June 5: Water crisis has remained the bane of Shimla residents for the past five years which assumed alarming proportions following the outbreak of...

Six Unknown Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Skin!

Every woman wishes for a model like skin so that they don't have to apply foundation on their face on a daily basis. Some...

Movies The Censor Board Banned In India!

Click "Next" to Start... The Censor Board of India is like that old man who refuses to try anything new from the menu. He has a standing...

Khurki Is Getting Paw Curious………Bow Bow..!

With the temperature soaring each day and monsoon still a couple of weeks away, there's one very important aspect we must pay attention to...

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