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Indian Advt Firm Experiments With LGBT Concept. ‘The Visit’ Goes Viral!

A must-watch advt featuring a lesbian couple giving great message that “Love has no gender” and it’s not at all inappropriate.

This commercial has been created for Anouk ethnic apparel and is a part of the brand’s “Bold is Beautiful” series. This one is titled “The Visit”.

This touching advt shows a conversation between a lesbian couple, like any other. It beautifully involves the nervousness, excitement and anxiousness of a girl introducing her partner to her parents and preparing to meet them. This is one of the first advt featuring a lesbian couple to have been made and then to go viral in India.

Watch this superb advt here:

Khurki hope such advt makers keep supporting such social issues in addition to the brilliant entertainment!!

Now let’s see how Twitter is reacting to this:

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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