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First Move, What Do You Make Of Girls Who Make It?


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Amrita Garg
Amrita Garg
I love solving puzzles, coz i'm a mystery myself. I'm an exploring addict cause getting in touch with nature gives me answers, sometimes...okay most of the times!

First move is really very special in any relationship, but what if it is taken by your girl. Would you think low of the girl? Just give it a break and think again. If it’s a yes from your side. Because it’s not a rule that boys have to propose and make the girl feel like a princess. Sometimes, the boys should also be honoured with such feelings. So guys let’s help you feel like a prince but you must respect the girl who makes the first move, because she is not only confessing her love but she is daring too. For a while, imagine a girl proposing to you in front of your group or in the class or even an empty class. Imagine those butterflies and royal feelings that you would have. Generally, girls feel such things but if it’s you, then mind it that you are actually lucky and very special for your girl.

It’s a pretty chance to feel like a prince

Guys what else do you want if a girl is treating you like her prince. According to me, wrap up your ego and be more than happy.


Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

First move is necessary, not who’s making it..

First move is really very special in any relationship, accepted. But who will make it is not necessary and it shouldn’t be. So guys just chill.


Image Source: www.stuckindc.com

Moreover, it’s not a ‘boy’ job

And if you want to be a slave, then you are free to feel that it’s a guy’s JOB only and as usual girls are the princesses.


Image Source: chill.queryhome.com

Feelings can’t be controlled..

Feelings are to be expressed and not to wait for the other side to express first. I mean it’s not at all a business deal. We are talking about love, which is the most beautiful thing in this world.


Image Source: www.mobofree.com 

Girls also have right to express

Right to express is equal for all the citizens. So, all the boys buck up for this positive move.


Image Source: www.seventeen.com

Expressing first is really being gutsy

So instead of looking down at her, you should be proud and happy for her.


Image Source: waterfordwhispersnews.com

She’s not hiding something

And give it a thought that to what you are looking down…. Is she lying to you? Is she hiding something? Has she broken your heart? No, no not at all there’s nothing like that. So let her make the first move and you just feel it. 🙂


Image Source: www.askralphblog.com

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