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Things Girls Must Not Expect From Their Boyfriends!

Relationships, in spite of having ships as suffix, tend not to sail real well at times. Reasons are very obvious – expectations not met but still ever increasing. Sometimes, we expect a lot from our significant others and in innocence, lose them forever. Being in love is all about setting someone free. One big mistake girls make in their relationships is expecting too much or something that other person is forced to fulfil.

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The day you begin to act like CBI by keeping a tab on the activities of your beau, you lose a lot of love right away. Relationship gives you a person to share emotions, love, problems, happiness, et al. But sadly when things turn one-sided, that’s exactly when your relationship starts corroding.

All night calls


Sleep is one of the basic human needs that every person should understand. Spending the day together and may be if not the day but only a few hours, you don’t end up talking all night. Neither is it good for your health nor for your relationship.

Walking miles in a mall


Ahhh!! It sucks when you are not able to decide what to buy and walk like whole earth in a mall. It is tiring, specially for those who enter a store knowing what to buy.

Timeline updates


Kahan Ho? Kahan Jaa Rahe Ho? Kab Aaoge? Kiske Saath Ho? This is high time you should know that he is your boyfriend not a subordinate who reports into you. And for those who would want to know where your love is, start looking into your heart in place of his check-ins!

Showing off love on social networks

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This is something you need to stop before global warming. You love him, he loves. Other than that, nobody gives a sh*t about it.  So stop asking your beau to upload every frigging selfie you guys click!!


Stop expecting that every damn date is on the pocket of your beau. It is not all about money but chivalry on both parts. You want him to pull a chair for you and all that weird fake gestures and still expect equality in relationship. Not done lady, just not done.

Leaving their buddies


Guys have to take the dose of buddy love every now and then. No matter how they are and what they are, so stop. Simply stop stopping them from meeting their gangs to hangout.

Mood swings handler

bollywood shah rukh khan animated GIF

Every time you are upset, don’t expect somebody else to take all your tantrums. Expect them to care, to love you in a special way but not every goddamn time. He is your boyfriend not a dressed up clown.

If this is what you are going through or making someone else go through STOP IT right away.

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Devashish Vaid
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