This Guy’s Coming Out Gets An Awesome Reaction From His Parents!


What was the reaction of the parents of a guy when he confessed to being a homosexual… In one word, the response of his parents to his coming out was just awesome…

Being true to your family about your sexual preferences (Gay Confession) is important. But in a country like ours, where you have to “settle down” in life. Yeah that means, marriage. But that is obviously to be done with opposite sex, by the consent of law and parents. And as per both, you cannot be a homosexual.

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These are the kind of parents this society really needs. Those who accept their child irrespective of his or her sexual preferences.

This video by Travelling Cinema Shorts sends a big message to one and all. For some to come out of the closet and for others to accept. Let’s make this society easy to live in, don’t complicate it up for mere things like sexual preferences of someone.


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